The Latest Trends in Curtains and Window Treatments

When purchasing curtains singapore, you have much more to consider than the color, print or style. Today’s curtain choices offer as much function as they do style. If you are considering purchasing curtains for your home, you need to think about the look you want as well as what you want the curtains to do. Some curtains block out light, heat and noise. Others are more about style and allow plenty of light to come in. You also need to think about the type of curtains for the season. Lighter curtains are perfect for spring and summer, while heavier curtains are better for colder months. Through this information, you will easily find the perfect curtain style for your space.

Natural fabrics and prints are popular right now, allowing you to bring the look of outside, inside. Fern and leaf prints in a variety of shades of greens and aqua are perfect for an airy and natural look in your home. Choose cotton fabric for the best look.


Today’s curtain styles are all about mixing up patterns and colors to create a bold and fun look. Floral patterns are making a big comeback, but are more modern looking than your grandmother’s choice for curtains singapore. Many people are choosing floral curtains partnered with a bold striped curtain. This gives a unique look that allows floral patterns to give a more modern look in your home.

Seashore patterns are also a popular choice and are available in all different fabrics. Sailboats, seashells and ocean prints bring the love of the sea right into your living space. These can be hung alone or paired with a solid colored panel for a beautiful look.

If you are choosing a light-blocking curtains and blinds, you want to be sure to check the rating of the fabric. Some fabrics are able to block up to 95% of light from coming in. They can also block out cold air or help to keep your home cool during the hot months of summer. Some specialty curtains can also block the sounds of traffic and the noises of your neighbors.

If you prefer a more subtle look for your home, there are many styles for blinds singapore. Blinds in natural woods are perfect for any space and can allow you to choose how much light you want coming in your home.

When purchasing window treatments for your home, think about the style, function and ease of cleaning. This will assist you in choosing the perfect curtains or other window coverings to meet your home’s needs.

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